Safe Arrival

It's been a safe journey back to the United States. It's hard to believe how fast the time has gone. The trip went well, although Hannah struggled with nausea most of the way. At one point we hit turbulence on the final leg of the journey to Columbus, OH. Hannah lost the struggle and surrendured the contents of her stomach to the barf bag conveniently located in front of her. We had to file a report with the stewardess, it seemed like it was almost against the law for her to even get near to Hannah. There was a red biohazard bag to be used for disposing the barf bag. Both Hannah and the stewardess had to clean their hands with sanitary wipes. There is a lot of red tape for motion sickness on a plane. It's a good thing they didn't charge her for getting sick. ( For those of you who will be flying American Airlines anytime soon, they will now be charging $5 a blanket if you get cold so you might want to bring your own ). I'm just thankful it was vomit that came out on that plane ride and not the baby. Imagine the red tape if it had!!

Besides the episode on our flight to Columbus the trip went great. It was exciting to be with family again and enjoy some time together. Thanks for your prayers. It's wonderful to know so many of you are praying for us. We really appreciate it.


Jeanne said...

We're glad you made it, red tape and all..See you soon..

Anonymous said...

I am anxious to get you guys home

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back on US soil

Kimberly said...

Hey! I'm glad that you made it back all in one piece :) Love you both and hope that you have a great time being home. Love, Kim