A Man from Kuwait

Yesterday we were in central when we stopped by a little store to buy a shirt for Joseph. Several weeks ago I had heard that the owner of this store was an Arab but I had never checked it out. But here we were, we picked out a shirt and I went to pay for it. The man behind the counter I knew had to be the owner, he looked like an Arab. So I asked him, " Do you speak Arabic?" he was shocked. He said yes he did. I said that my wife was from Jordan and she speaks Arabic. Immediately they began to talk as if they were long time friends. It was so amazing. He is a Palestinian from Kuwait, he had studied in California for awhile, later moved back to Kuwait but he was very lonely there. Seven years ago he moved here to Honduras. So there we stood speaking, Spanish, English and Arabic. It was hilarious. But we all basically understood everything. One of the surprising things was, his cousin is married to a girl whose family lives in Hannah´s hometown in Jordan!! They are coming here for a visit in July to attend a wedding, he wants us to meet them when they come. He was such a nice man. Only God knows where this new contact will lead us. Please pray for God´s direction and wisdom.


lizzie said...

WOw! that's cool! it's such a small world!

~Heather~ said...

WOW! God does amazing things. Nothing is by accident. Praise God.

God bless you all,
Phillip Dickinson