A Visit to San Luis

A few days ago I headed to the mountains of San Luis to pay a visit to Evangelistic Faith Missions Bible Institute. One of our young people, Pablo, is feeling a call to ministry and would like to study full time at a Bible School. So we decided to check out the possibilities of him studying with EFM.
Here is the gang that went with us. On the left is Gehovani, he was saved about a month ago at Tiloarque. God has made an incredible transformation in his life. He is just diving in and giving it all he's got. It has been such an encouragement watching him grow in the Lord. Next to him is a missionary friend of ours named Steve. He adopted Bryan standing next to him and is trying to help him work through a lot of things in his life. Next to Bryan is Pablo, God has really been working in his life and he is excited about serving the Lord. The little boy in the front is Gehovanie's son Anderson.
EFM's beautiful tabernacle. The front is used for offices and classrooms for the Bible Institute.
Enjoying a delicious lunch in the cafeteria.
We had a little meet and greet with the director, students and staff. 
Early in the morning Gehovani came up on this hill to pray. He so enjoyed the solitude and the quite time with the Lord.
Some of God's amazing creation.

It was definitely a very beneficial trip. There is a possibility that Pablo will be attending next semester if it's the Lord's will. I would be thrilled if he went. Pray that God directs his life.


Jeanne Kuhns said...

What wonderful news!