Somebody Was Praying

If there is anything we want as missionaries is to have the unction, the blessing and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our ministry. For sometime I had felt like our services were too dry, the same-old-same-old and we needed a fresh touch from above. Last night during our Wednesday night service God came. I preached from I John chapter 4 and I talked about perfect love and seeking holiness. God began to speak to our people. At the end of the message the altar began to line. A young lady came forward to be saved. Others came seeking holiness and cleansing. Another man who had been drifting spiritually said that God spoke to him in the service and he needs to get back to where he needs to be spiritually and he has some big decisions to make. It was a long awaited breakthrough and I just want to publicly thank the Lord for His faithfulness. When we humble ourselves and start seeking His face He always hears and responds. More than ever, we need holy hearts and holy fire. Thank you to all who faithfully lift us to the throne of grace, God is answering your prayers!