A Recap of the Last Part of Our Vacation

Here is a little review of the second half of our time in the states.
One day we went with my parents on a ferry ride on the Susquehanna River. It was a very enjoyable experience.
The Hiawatha.
There is nothing like seeing "old glory" fly in the Pennsylvania sun.
This is captain Daniel saying thank you for traveling with us today.
A grandma-grandson moment.
We joined up with a team of people from the Beavertown God's Missionary Church handing out bottled water before the town parade. 
Each bottle was labeled with the church name and a Bible verse. The team passed out more than 2,000 bottles!
We walked behind these trucks filling our bags with water and handing them out to the people seated along the street.
After handing out bottles we watched the parade.
Joseph met up with one of the early pioneers, he even got to hold his gun.
Our last Saturday in Pennsylvania Joseph was the Bible bearer in my cousin's wedding.
Waiting for the wedding to start.
The Bible bearer and flower girl.
The bridal party.
Driving through my hometown Mifflinburg, Pa. It always brings back lots of memories.
Our last few days we spent with Hannah's family in Cincinnati. 
We made a trip over to the Creation Museum.
An archeologist studying dinosaur bones.
Isaiah, Moses, David and of course Joseph.

The blissful garden of Eden.
Monkeying around.
Joseph got to ride his first camel.
One more night of fun with grammy before heading home. Joseph wanted to use his face paint.
Proud supporters of Chik-fil-A and their stand for traditional marriage. We couldn't resist buying something before flying out.
Sunday morning back in Honduras and ready for church.
It's good to be home!!


Jeanne said...

I loved all your pictures