First Day of Trout

As young boys growing up there was a gentlman in our church by the name of James Richard who took an interest in several of us young guys. So, every year he would take us fishing on the first day of trout. He taught us how to tie fishing knots, where the best spots are to fish and how to cast. It was something we always looked forward to. And always throughout the weekend together he would talk to us about God. We loved it.
Well, it so happend that our visit fell over the time of trout season, so once again our gang of guys got together. We had a great time. Between all of us we caught about twelve fish. The day was beautiful and the stream was placid. I really had a good time.


Allen Mowery said...

That's pretty kool. I havn't actually gone the past couple of years simply because of time and schedule restraints, but I wouldn't mind going again sometime.