Pray for Honduras

We are very concerned with the situation in Honduras. The president was overthrown in an early Sunday morning coup. The political situation is very unstable especially in Tegucigalpa. There are protesters in the streets burning tires, soldiers and tanks are trying to keep order and a forty-eight hour curfew has been set. I did contact Glenn and Helen Reiff who are filling in for us while we are on deputation. They and our church people are doing fine but as you can imagine things are very tense. We would appreciate prayer for their safety and peace for the country. If you would like to know more about this situation go here .


Anonymous said...

I'll most certainly be praying for them, you have my support all the way! You have a gret ministry in Honduras and I trust that your church people are gonna make it through this. Our good Lord is always there to help us in times like these when we need Him most! And for that we shall praise Him even in this storm that His people are currently experiencing for He is always there and He is gonna help His children!

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It's so sad that something this tragic could be happening to people and we really don't seem to care. When my dad was visiting Africa in "07" they broke out in a civil war. It was so violent and crazy. The crazy thing was that no one back home seemed to care. When my dad tried getting help at the American embessy they made him leave. God spared him and it's a miricle he's still alive. Anyway, I said all that to say that even though it doesn't seem to be effecting us here at home doesn't mean it excludes us and our prayers! I'll be praying!

shane said...

loved the dvd

am so glad you are still in the states.....take your time's a tinderbox

sheila shane r.n.