My Day Part I

Today I went with Baudilio and his wife to scout out a good place to hold a baptismal. Since Baudilio was saved in January he has been doing so good with his Bible studies. We are planning to have a baptismal on our campaign weekend.

On our way we stopped for lunch. After we finished eating, the lady who owned the store stopped by our table and when she found out I was a pastor she hurriedly came and sat down and began to tell me her story. Two of the girls who worked at the restaurant had been having demonic attacks. The one girl had gone to a witch and drank some water that was cursed. She gave some of the water to her friend and since that time they have had a continual battle with demons. A pastor had come and prayed for the girls and had cast out the demons but they had continued to come back. The girls can see these demons and they talk to them. The girls have vomited, had blood running out of their noses and had spoken in strange voices.

We went to talk to one of these girls. She sat calmly and told us her story. She wanted to be free. She said she had gone to church and was listening to the preacher preach about salvation, when all of a sudden she felt a fire in her chest and the demon began to tell her that the preacher was lying and she should leave. When she looked outside the church she saw the demon standing there. These types of things have been happening since December.

I read scripture and talked to her about her friends and certain things she had been doing that she needed to stop. I reminded her we cannot play games with God, we have to surrender ourselves completely to Christ. She said she was willing. I anointed her and prayed. Later, Baudilio told me he felt a cold sensation on his back while we prayed. It was very strange.

We left and went on to the river to find a place for the baptismal. It was a beautiful place. Baudilio has many cousins that live in this area. So we went and visited some of his family. They live in simple wood slat and adobe homes. It was very interesting to see their laid back way of life.

Needless to say, it was a very interesting and enjoyable day.