Having Fun

Yesterday after finishing to paint Joseph's bedroom we went downtown to sight see. We went to a museum that highlites the past presidents of Honduras. It is located in an old mansion that was donated by an ex-president. It was beautiful. Scott had fun taking pics.

We visited the market. Everybody was really out of their comfort zone. It was great. Meat and flies, fruits and vegtables, and people everywhere! We passed a group of glue sniffers. That was a little scary. But thankfully nothing happened. It was an exciting adventure!


Unknown said...

Everyone looks like they are having fun,even with the flies and uncovered meat. Hannah, you need to get in some of the pix.

Dorcas said...

We went to Mexico several years ago while to visit some Missionaries and walked through their market. The meat out in the open air is rather different! Thank the Lord for refrigeration in our grocery stores here in the USA!!