San Pedro Sula Trip Report

God heard your prayers and we had a wonderful revival in San Pedro Sula. I really felt the prayers of God's people, there were many seekers at the the altar, some new converts, it was very exciting!! I just praise God for his faithfulness, we can't do anything without Him.
It was nice to see some old friends from the church. There were also a lot of new people that have started to attend since we were there last. 
Near San Pedro Sula is an old Spanish fort that dates back to the 1750's. I had visited the fort before but Hannah and the kids had never been there. So we decided to take a day trip to Omoa and take a little tour.
Looking from the chapel into the middle of the fort.
In October 1779 150 British troops attacked the fort and overtook the 365 Spaniards who were defending it. The British only held the fort for a few months and abandoned it after so many deaths from tropical diseases and the threat of a counterattack by Spain. In this picture Joseph is pointing out some of the cannon ball holes left in the wall from the attack. The fort was also attacked by pirates from the sea and there are still holes in the top walls from those attacks as well.
Beautiful architecture. 
The Spaniards brought cocoa beans, gold and silver and other trading goods and stored them here at the fort before transporting them back to Spain.
Turrets on the top walls where guards would shoot at any approaching enemies.
This was one of the best fried fish I have ever eaten. It was so big Hannah and I had to share it.
Roger's wife Martha holding Daniel.
We had such a nice time and we thank all of you who prayed for the services. God really moved and encouraged the people. Thank the Lord we had a safe trip and a good time!


Jeanne said...

great report!

Scott said...

I remember visiting that fort when I was there to see you last time. Very interesting stuff.