"Along the Way"

Today I made a trip to Siquatepeque a town located almost directly in the middle of Honduras, about a two hour trip from Teguc. I decided to share some of the scenes of the trip with our readers.

One of the first things that catches your eye are the many fruit stands. These small bananas are some of our favorite fruit to eat!

Hand-made crafts and souvenirs call your attention as you make the journey.

The brightly colored pulperias (little food stores) make a cold pepsi and a bag chips easily accesible.

Keep your eyes on the road! You never know when somebody is going to pass on a blind curve or a double yellow line.

Rich honey stored in old wine bottles is a tasty treat. If you stop at the right stand you can even buy some with parts of the honey comb.

Catholicsm is the dominant religion in Honduras.

You never know when a landslide is going to happen!

Many twists and turns on the road.

The sheer rock walls are turned into free advertising for businesses and political candidates.

A man headed off to work.

Palmerola. A U.S. military base constructed during the 1980's Contra War. It is still being used by our troops today.

A warning not to trespass on a military zone.

One of the many forms of transportation.

Memorial erected to those who took the trip and never made it home.

A creative way of beating high gas prices!

One of the most famous blends of Honduran coffee.

A busy coffe manufacturing plant on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa.

Lying on the edge of Teguc is the city cementary.

Mourners brave the rain.

You can see the pain on the face of this grieving loved one.

I got stopped at the police check-point. Thankfully everything was ok and they let me go.

Almost home! Thank the Lord for a safe journey.


mom said...

This was quit a trip. It reminded me of ours back in March..

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric.. Great Pictures. Neat to see a little of what we just experienced. Keep up the good work there. You guys are doing a wonderful job. :)


Scott said...

I loved the pics. Brings back some memories. I really liked the shot of the jars of honey. Nice composition. And nice, new blog template, too!

Faith said...

Wow, this was neat! Do it again. It was fun traipsing along with you. :)

Dorcas said...

My favorite pictures are the school bus passing in the wrong lane. That reminds me so much of Mexico. And the other picture I thought was cute ~ the car on top of the pole!