A Trip to the Market

Today Hannah and I made a visit to the central market. What an awsome place! I hope by these pictures you will get a feel, and smell of what this place is like. It is exciting. The place is crammed with people, vendors are yelling their prices and trying to get your attention, as cars and buses are pushing their way through the throngs of people.

You can find just about anything there that you want. They have everything from piles of shoes, vegetables, meats, clothes, school supplies, personal items, and even a few pets. It's all there. Hannah doesn't miss Wal-Mart, there are things at this market that Wal-Mart doesn't even sell.

You all need to come and experience the time of your life. Maybe you can balance your goodies on top of your head like this lady as you shop.

Someday we hope to have a prayer station or a street meeting here. It's a prime opportunity.


Courtney said...

Wow, how exciting! Thanks for sharing about your day at the market!