Taxi Drivers Protest

Buenos Diaz. Things are going great here in Honduras. Yesterday was our last day of Spanish classes. We almost thought we weren´t going to make it to our classes. We were trying to get a taxi but we just couldn´t get one to take us to school. Finally someone told us that the taxi drivers were on strike, they were protesting the high cost of fuel. We did find a few guys who were doing their job but the majority were shut down.

I saw today in the front page of the paper some of the things that happened yesterday. The taxi drivers made a barrier with their cars across a major highway so nobody could get through. Some people were burning tires. Throughout the day police helicopters were flying overhead. The police force was on high alert. The military showed up to keep order as the drivers made their protest. Even though we weren´t close to where the main protest was taking place, we could feel the tension in the air. However, today things are back to normal. This kind of thing seems to be the normal routine around here. There is always political turmoil.

Last week the public school teachers went on strike because they havn´t been getting paid from the government. The other day the buses were on strike. You just never know who will be on strike next. You just learn to go with the flow. It keeps life exciting.


Anonymous said...

sounds like Papua New Guinea...all third counties seem to be alike...gurg