Crazy Driving

I have probably had at least 10 heart attacks, 1 stroke, and 50 out of body experiences since we have been here in Honduras. I have seen my life pass before my eyes so many times it´s starting to get boring.

The driving here is absolutely incredible. Children crossing the street, kids on bikes in the middle of the highways, maniacs swerving in and out, it´s wild. I have seen several wrecks and it´s a wonder I haven´t been in one yet. Basically anything goes here. I took this photo out the window of the taxi on our way to school this morning. I have seen kids on bikes hang on the back of a bus to go up steep hills. It´s a wonder these kids don´t get killed.

I think the rule is, if you beep your horn first you have right of way. At least that is how it seems. Our taxi rides are never boring. It beats any roller coaster ride hands down. That is if you can keep your hands down. Usually you have a white knuckled grip to the side of the door. But hey, they get you to your destination.


wayne said...

Sounds worse then the driving in Jordan. I hope that you keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times!