Personal Update

A lot has transpired over the last month or so that we have been here in Honduras. We are learning more and more every day. The language is slowly coming along, we are getting more familiar with the means of transportation, and we are gaining more insight into the culture. Right now I would say we are more or less in a survival mode. The biggest difficulty is the language barrier. We are ready to jump into the work, plant a church, start visiting the people, have a VBS, but the language is hindering us. I guess I'm not very patient, I want to speak Spanish now, but it will take time. Our classes are coming along great. Hannah and I both are keeping at the same level of learning. We have a great teacher and I know within another year we should be pretty well established in the language.

Hannah is doing well despite the pregnancy. The baby is due in exactly nine weeks from today. Hannah is a real trooper. For several weeks she was having morning sickness just about every morning, however this past week since we have moved to our apartment, she has been doing much better. In just another 5 weeks we will be flying home for the delivery. So far the pregnancy has been basically complication free, which we are thankful. There are the normal complications that come with a pregnacy but God is helping Hannah and the baby both and giving them strength each day.

We are encouraged, there have been a few bumps in the road but God is helping us. We appreciate hearing from our friends with your posts and emails. It is always encouraging to know you are thinking and praying for us. Our two main prayer requests right now is Hannah's pregnacy and our language studies. Pray that God would continue to strengthen Hannah and give protection to her and the baby, and pray that God would open our minds and give us understanding of the language. I truly believe the success of our ministry will be determined by how well we learn the language.

Thanks for everything you do. Thanks for your financial support as well. This month was heavy financially with buying furniture and going to school. But the future looks bright. We have many friends who are faithfully supporting us and we deeply appreciate it.

May God richly bless you and bless Honduras.