The Doors and Window Bars!

Today was the installation of the doors and window bars at the church in Las Uvas.
Hanging to the two doors.
It's going to be tough for any thieves to get through these doors. 
Installing the window bars.
Welded tight and secure.
The guys did a great job. Now we don't have to haul our chairs in and out every time we have service. We can leave everything safe and secure in the church. What a blessing!!

Absolutely beautiful!! Thank the Lord!


Jeanne said...

very nice!

Dorcas said...

What a blessing that will be to you! The Church is beautiful and I'm sure you'll be anxious to use it!!!

Beautiful church! So happy for you guys - it is indeed a great blessing!

iglesia2001 said...

Hola soy hermano Abel Rodriguez, felicidades por su Iglesia. Sigan adelante

debbie said...

Now turn Sandra and a few other women loose and let them decorate. Can't wait to be in one of those services in the new church. What a blessing.