To the End of The World

The beginning of this week was very interesting. We helped to take the group way up into the mountains where they will be staying the remainder of this week working with another missionary. We rented a van for the kids and we followed in our car. What a trip!! It took us a good seven hours to get there. Most of the way was dirt roads, at one point a bridge was out and we had to cross through the stream. It seemed like we would never get there.

The mountains were absolutely gorgeous!!

Matt Thompson our fearless leader, showing off his new cowboy hat he bought at the market.

They were grating part of the road so we had to pass around the grater. The van nearly got stuck on the loose gravel. But they made it out!

Here is where the bridge was out and we had to pass through the stream.

The missionary lady lives way out in the boonies. There is no electricity, no cell phone service, and they still use outhouses. It is very primitive. She is planning on building houses for foster children. The group will be painting this building inside and out. She plans to house twelve children per house with a national couple to live with the children.

Joseph enjoyed seeing all the animals, especially the horses.

The boys will also be building bunk beds for the foster children. Jim Budensiek met up with the team and was helping them on the project. In this picture Justin was taking a break and trying to warm up a bit. It was very chilly.

The outhouses!! What an experience.

The guys working on building the bunk beds.


Anonymous said...

Oh, mercy...
what an experience...

Jason said...

Now that's what I'm talking about :) that Ken Thompsons son ... Matt.... Gurg

Eric said...

I'm not sure his dad's name. but I do know his dad is pastoring a church in Malta, Ohio