Joseph Turns 5

Well Joseph turned five (for real this time). We had already had two big parties when we were home in the states so we didn't feel like doing the piñata and party thing all over again. He was really wanting to go to a children's museum here called Chiminike so that is where we headed. We didn't tell him that we were going there so he was really surprised. Here he is sitting next to a  statue of Chiminike, the frog after whom the museum is named.
One of his favorite things at the museum is the "grocery store". He did well discerning the difference between healthy food and junk food.
Kuhns Family Construction Company
A skilled fisherman.
The flag and coat of arms of Honduras.
Joseph loved playing on the train. The engineer can barely see out the window!!
He ended the day with a kids meal from KFC that had a big chicken leg, one of his favorite foods!!


Jeanne said...

now that was a neat birthday surprise! what fun...
Happy Birthday Joseph.

Scott said...

Oh wow...that's neat!

debbie said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. I like your shirt from Chiminike. love you bunches joseph.