Grandma is Watching!

Grammy checks in from Ohio to see how her little grandson is doing!! What would we do without the internet? Missionary life isn't like it used to be that's for sure!


Your right, missionary life isn't the same, and I'm sure that we will be glad that it isn't :). I am tagging you, so stop by our blog.

You are absolutely right. I wished we had this when Hannah was little. I feel so bad about how much my family missed watching my children grow up,but I thank the Lord for this technology today. Don't know what I would do if i couldnt keep in contact with you all. I know that God's Grace is sufficient. But I thank Him for the blessings that He gives. Thank you Lord fo internet.

Grandma probably wants to reach through the screen and give the little guy a big hug! He is sooo cute. Is it legal to be that cute?

Tiffany said...'s been like TEN YEARS since I took the time to "blog hop"!! I've been getting settled in Cincinnati, OH and...loving it!! I'm going to visit Christian Nation Church tomorrow morning!! Yeah!! Well...just wanted to drop you a little line!! Miss you guys and hope all is well!! I'd love to hear from you!! Email me sometime...