Contra Singer

Nemecio is his name. He has an incredible story. Today he is a solid Christian, a pillar of the church. Usually every service he plays and sings. But just 26 years ago he was working with the Contras. He had a very important position, he was the propaganda machine for the Contras. They played his music and songs to help rally troops for the contras and to further advance their cause.
He made a special trip to the United States along with the leaders of the Contra movement. They stayed at Ronald Reagan's house in Sacramento California for fifteen days along with Oliver North and the C.I.A. There they discussed the war and the events that were taking place. While in the states he also recorded music to play in Nicaragua. Nemecio has an amazing story. He was personal friends with many of the contra leaders.
The United States was supplying arms to the contras to help fight the communists. They say that even today there are secret caches of guns still hidden in the mountains ready in case of another war.


Scott said...

Wow! That's interesting. I remember the Contra War.

Dorcas said...

What a story!!