Belize Trip

Last week was spent shooting video and pictures in Belize. H.I.M. has two Christian day schools and four churches along the Guatemala border.

This is the largest of the two schools. This particular school has about 80 children attending. They are doing a super job! The majority of the students are in the pre-school.

Some of the older students.

This is pastor Carlos Mendoza and his family. His youngest daughter on the right of the picture is engaged to the young man behind her. A wedding is planned for next July.

Pastor Daniel Tun and his wife. They are doing an excellent job. He pastors and works as a monitor in one of the schools.

Coming back from Belize we stayed at the port town of Dangriga where our boat was leaving the next morning. All that evening the electricity was out so the hotel was so kind to give us a gas lamp.

Making our way from the Guatemala border to the port to catch our boat. It's roughly a three hour trip on a yellow bus.

Joseph loves riding the boats. He slept most of the way. The wind in his face and the gentle waves puts him to sleep in no time.

Here is the boat that carried us on our treacherous journey. The trip to Belize was fine, however the return trip was horrendous. The waves were big and our little boat was slamming up and down. Water was splashing in over the sides. It sounded like the boat was going to break in two. Hannah got sick and threw up twice. Our bodies were sore for about two days. I was never so glad to see land. All in all we had a good trip and we are glad to be home. Thanks for your prayers.


jeanne said...

aaawwww...look at Joseph...
wish I was holding him...

Dorcas said...

I love the picture of Joseph falling asleep!! The boat ride must've been terrible ~ poor Hannah!!

Glad you are home safe!!!

Yes, Thank the Lord for your safe return. Joseph has grown so much. Can't wait to see you all.