Wedding in Las Delicias

While Bro. Grant was here we loaded up two vans of our people from Tiloarque and headed to the new church in Las Delicias for a big event. First we were going to marry Jose and Maria. They had been legally married back at the beginning of the year but they wanted a church ceremony. Second of all we were going to dedicate the building and thirdly we were going to install Roberto and Jenny as the new pastors of the church. All of this in one day!!
The ladies worked hard decorating the church!! Everybody was there for this big day!
Three little princesses ready for their grandma and grandpa's wedding.
The first wedding in Las Delicias!! This was exciting!
Here comes the bride!! Maria's oldest son walked her down the aisle.
It was a packed house for the event!
The bride and groom sat on chairs in the middle of the platform during the ceremony.
Performing the ceremony.
Still in love all these years later!!
With Jose's sisters.
Time to celebrate!