A Trip Over to Nicaragua

About a week ago we had a visit from Sid Grant. During his visit we drove to Nicaragua to see Julio and his churches. The day we arrived Julio had just returned from Managua with the paper work from the government recognizing HIM as a legal church in Nicaragua. This was a big milestone. They had worked for years on this process and now it is finished!
This is Julio's newest church located in Achuapas. Back in the spring of this year Mission Helps sent down a team to put the roof on this church. Now it's ready to be painted.
The inside of the Achuapas church. The pulpit was made by some of the young men who came down on a TLC trip.
Julio and Nemecio making some beautiful music. The guitar that Nemecio is holding is one of the guitars that Paul Hinkley donated from Ohio. They love that little guitar!
Bro. Grant preached some very good messages that encouraged the people.