Hoch Family Reunion

We always look forward to the Hoch family reunion. It's a time to reconnect, relax and eat some amazing food!
The reunion is always held at uncle Tim and aunt Connie's beautiful house.
Everybody brings something to sell at the auction. The money that is raised goes towards next years expenses. Over $1200 was raised this year.
Lots of good fellowship.
Dan Dan loved playing in the sand box.
Some of the families stay in campers.
A few other families sleep in tents.
We even sing together.
There are lots of games like Monopoly Deal and Farkle. The competition is fierce!
Big air on the trampoline.
Lots of fun!
The golf cart is always a big hit with kids and adults alike.
The food is absolutely heavenly.
So many choices and every one of them is a good one.
The party goes late into the night.
There was some intense Risk games. But, I eventually conquered the world!
My view from the hammock.
The last night of the reunion several people were singing. Daniel grabbed the air compressor hose and sang along at the top of his lungs!! Hilarious!


Great pictures! Looks like it was a good turn out this year!! We missed you all and glad everyone had a fun times and plenty to eat!! Thank you for sharing and hope to make it next year and see you soon!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, I agree. Enjoyed every minute we were there. Daniel was in my dreams last night. I was able to hold him and he didn't fuss at me at all.....:) I wanted to at the reunion, but didn't want to press the issue...:) I love the little ones. So happy to see all of you!!