Pennsylvania Farewell Party

Saturday the 19th was another farewell get-together. We played Bocce ball, a game I had never heard of but I discovered it's a lot of fun. The gist is you have two teams, the red and the black. Somebody tosses a small little white ball out into the yard. Then you take turns trying to get your ball closest to the white ball for points.

Giants were roaming about as it began to get dark.

My cousins made some awesome home-made ice cream.

Then we divulged into a chocolate, peanut butter mousse cake that sent me to heaven and back. ooooooooh was it good. mmmmmm.

Clara the Clown was a smashing hit. She first appeared at Joseph's birthday party in June. Well, he hasn't stopped talking about her ever since so for one last hoopta rah she came to the farewell party. Boy was he a happy camper, he just loves her!!

Some of the finest sparkler art you will ever see.


Dorcas said...

Looks like a lot of fun & I'm sure many memories were made for you to take with you!