Turmoil in Honduras

In a daring attempt to retake power in Honduras ex president Mel Zelaya returned to Tegucigalpa and is holed up in the Brazilian embassy. The country is under a curfew until tomorrow and all airports were closed today. This of course put our plans to return on hold. We were able to change our tickets until October 1st as we wait to see if things will calm down enough for us to return next week. Please help us pray for this situation. We would really like to get back to Honduras and be with our people.


Eileen said...

Your wait I am sure is one of God's plans. How we know about that. God has His way of doing things that we do not know or understand. But He does understand.
I pray all is in God's Hands and He will help you through all of this as the days go by. Love and are praying for you. Have a blessed day. Love & Prayers,
As Always, Eileen

Dorcas said...

I try to pray for you every day but will remember this situation!

Hello, yall, so glad you put off a bit on your return. I am sure you would really like to return after being away for this time. Mitcheletti has given the Brazilian embassy 10 days to hand Mel over. Today Mel called his supporters in for what he calls the last stand. If we can be of any help to you all be sure to let us know. From the friends we have in Teguc sounds like a mess down there. We are in San Pedro and it is pretty tranquilo here. I believe all the protesters have gone to the capital. Blessings to you all and make contact when you arrive if you can. Your Friends -