Get Ready to Fight!

I have been a little discouraged lately. In so many ways it seems like we are spinning our wheels. Our people have been under attack by the enemy for months. Lots of people have been sick, Sandra is fighting cancer and has missed several services, others have turned back to sin, just a number of things. But it's not time to quite it's time to pray and fast. I was so encouraged on our trip to Nicaragua to hear from some of the New Guinea guys how they prayed and fasted things to pass in their country. It's amazing. I'm convinced it's what we need to do if we ever want to see victory.

Starting this coming Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. February 10th we are starting another 40 hour fast that will end on Friday at noon. If you remember back about a year and a half ago we did this and it launched our first church. Now we need to pray and fast for conviction, holiness, and revival among our people. Will you join us? Maybe you cannot physically do a 40 hour fast but could you do 20 or 10 hours? Could you at least request prayer in your church so others will pray? Help us conquer territory from Satan and see victories won. God will honor our prayer and fasting.

We would like to get a group of 24 people to help us fast the forty hours. If you would like to participate send me an email and let us know. You can write me at  Spread and word and rally the troops it's time to attack the enemy!