Nicaragua Trip

January went by like the wind, we have been so busy. Last week we joined up with a TLC team from Hobe Sound, Florida. They came to work with one of our H.I.M. pastors in Nicaragua. Boy, did we ever have fun. It was a great group. Pastor Julio has one main church but then he has about 3 outposts where he meets and hold services. We visited all of his groups and held services with them and then after the service the group distributed blankets to all the families. The people really appreciated it.

Here is Joseph on the bus getting ready to go to Managua to pick up the group at the airport. He loves riding buses.

Our first service was at Santa Rosa one of Julio's outposts. This village is almost 100% communist sympathizers. Nevertheless we had a really good turn-out and we were able to share with them the gospel.

 Joseph made lots of friends.

The group shared a puppet story for the kids.

Joy Budensiek is the director of TLC. She also authored the book "Jesus My Very Best Friend" that the lady is holding.

Handing out blankets at the main church.

One of Julio's outposts is about a 3 mile hike back into the mountains. It's about a two hour walk. So we loaded up a donkey to carry our blankets and food. Joseph really liked the donkey.

After we reached the mountain village we held a small service for the villagers.

The people were very anxious to get a blanket it can get chilly up in the mountains.

Joan enjoying the view of the river below.

If I remember right, Sis. Budensiek's granddaughter made this blanket. Here is a special little boy that received it.

It got dark on the hike home so part of the way we had to walk by moonlight. It was so pretty.

James is from New Guinea. It almost looks like he is back home in this picture. This was at a coffee plantation that we visited.

It was coffee harvest time. All these men stay here at the farm and pick coffee during the season. We held a little service with them and gave them blankets.

We were way out in the boonies. This farm was close to the Honduran border. The man in the jeans standing by the truck is the plantation owner. His two brothers were killed by the communists back in the 80's along this road.

At another outpost. Pastor Julio is playing the guitar.

Another happy lady with her blanket.

The team passed out literature as we road about the village.

They also distributed food to some of the needy.


Jeanne said...

what a exciting time this must have been. I was wishing I could have been along...

I was thinking the same thing, Jeanne. What blessings they must share with one another. Of course, we would have the extra benefit of being with our grandson too:)

Kristen said...

Hi Eric! This is Kristen. Well umm... I don't know what to begin to tell you, but I'll just tell you that God has really been preparing me to be a missionary! He is dealing with my heart and teaching me at the same time!! ...And I feel that I should also tell you that God used you to help make real the call to another missionary. (That's me) And He has done so much since then! I just felt that you should know that. You are not only being used to spread the Word of God but also to make real the calls of other future missionaries! (Started with my first-ever missionary service, and dvd was amazing too) This new long road has begun and I KNOW that I have long ways to go yet and also know I won't ever be perfect but I am, however, learning soo much! And I am sanctified and ready to be baptized at Youth Camp this July! Wow! He really has made, and is making many changes in me!! And as He is doing that I have learned for myself that God's works are far beyond human comprehension! All we can do is let Him use us and share the truth just as it is written in His word! God does all the rest!! ... And that I trust and KNOW with all of my heart! Please pray.

Joanna said...

Looked like an amazing trip, how awesome!! I bet the hike and donkey ride was pretty neat!