Marriage Seminar

We had a wonderful marriage seminar this past weekend. I had been thinking and praying about such a seminar last year when I got a phone call from Bro. Dykes saying that Butch Heath and Philip Burch were available to come in January. What an answer to prayer!! We had a good turn out from both of our churches as well as Daniel and Tiffany Melton, missionaries with EFM. It was an awesome weekend. Each seminar touched on a topic that our couples needed to hear, we discussed anger in marriage, wisdom for husbands, wisdom for wives, communication and lots of other things. During the last session all the married couples renewed their vows to each other. One of the ladies said later that it felt like she was starting her marriage over again. Hannah worked hard all weekend taking care of snacks and food for everyone, on Saturday and Sunday we had two big meals for all the people. Joseph had a blast playing with all the kids.

We just thank the Lord for his help and we want to thank Bro. Heath and Bro. Burch for doing a tremendous job. This seminar really helped to establish our couples. One man said, "I used to think that my wife was the problem and I was constantly trying to change her, but now I realize that I'm the problem and I need to change". That couple has changed and we thank the Lord!!! It was a great weekend.


Jeanne said...

what fun!!!
I'm sure this will be something they will never forget...wonderful...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Thank you for sharing.


Dorcas said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah!!

Hey, Eric! Daniel wanted me to leave you a note to call him! So if you get a chance can you give him a ring! Blessings on you three! Tiffany

Thanks for inviting us to the seminar we really had fun!