Time to Kick Off a New Year

I just got back from a trip to San Pedro Sula. Part of my time there was spent with our other two pastors planning for 2008. Jose Fuentes (on the left side of the picture) is pastoring in a town called Siquatepeque, Roger (to the right side of the pic) is pastoring in San Pedro. These are great guys. I enjoy working with them. Our team is small right now but God is helping us. Pray for us that this will be a very spiritual year for all of us in our separate ministries.


Anonymous said...

Oh! I miss Honduras! I was on a TLC trip there during the summer of 06. We stayed in San Pedro Sula and worked with Pastor Roger Ortiz. That picture is neat because my team leader gave him that "Just Live It" TLC shirt and I gave mine to his wife Marta. I'd love to see a picture of their boys sometime, if you happen to post one.
I really left a part of my heart in Honduras and would love to go back there someday!
Keep encouraged! It looks like you are doing a wonderful job. May God richly bless you both!
With love and prayers,