A Budding Artist

Joseph's new fad is coloring. He is constantly taking my printer paper to draw on and always asking me to print out new coloring pages. Every piece of art gets hung up around the house especially in my office. Sometimes it feels like we live in an art gallery. haha. He tells me different times, "I'm an a good artist dad". He does pretty good for a four year old. Maybe he'll be the next Thomas Kincaid.
The other day I came home and opened the door to this scene. All the kitchen chairs turned around with his pictures taped to the backs of the chairs. Excuse his mismatching pajamas, I guess that's part of the art too. He was pretty proud of his little gallery.


Jeanne said...

aaawwww...that is soooooooo sweet...

I agree Jeanne. What a little man he is. I just can't wait till they get here. Hannah says she can't keep tape, for him using it all.