Garage Sale

Our church people held another garage sale this weekend. All the funds went to our building fund. We are saving up money so we have something ready for when it's time to buy and build. Anyways, we had a lot of fun. Our people donated clothes, kitchen utensils and food. We made about $150 which doesn't some like much but it means a lot when it's the church people working and giving for the church. It seems like a lot more when you realize that, that amount of money is one man's monthly salary.
These are called pastelitos. They are sooo good. Don't ask me how to make them I just know they are stuffed with rice and ground beef with grated cheese on top. Some of the ladies sold these and Hannah sold pizza at the garage sale.
In the mix of donated clothes was a ladies outfit or pajamas or something that looked like a Santa Claus costume. So Don Raul tried it on and it fit perfectly. Joseph had to get his picture with Santa.


Jeanne said...

I wonder if you could send that outfit over here..I need that...

Scott said...

Looks like Christmas is coming early for Joseph. :)

That is so cute. Jeanne are you playing Santa this year?