What an Amazing Creation

The Creation Museum was one of the most interesting museums I ever visited. I loved it! If you ever get a chance to visit it you have to go!! The museum focuses on the 7C's of the Bible. Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation. It's an amazing journey. It really helped me realize a little better just how sin impacted our world. But despite being under a curse of sin, God's creation is still amazing. The displays, wax figures, animals, bones, and shows helped to tell the Bible story. The planetarium blew my mind as they showed us the vastness of space and just how minute our little world is compared to the immense universe. Outside the museum there is a botanical garden and a petting zoo. It was a great experience and I recommend it to all!!
Archaeologists studying dinosaur bones.

The dinosaurs were great!

The garden of Eden.

Noah's ark

Up close and personal with a camel.

feeding the goats and sheep.

Spending time with family

God's beautiful creation.

Papaw and Ethan


Dorcas said...

I've heard a lot about the Creation Museum but haven't got there yet. Hopefully one day!

Joanna said...

Now that would be really neat and cool to visit!! I have never heard of it so thank you for sharing, I will have to take Kaitlyn there, she will love it!