This is why Hannah loves Tupperware

Over the past several weeks I have been thoroughly annoyed by red ants climbing the walls of our home. They would usually appear at night prowling about, looking for food. I looked everywhere trying to find where they were coming in at, I couldn´t find anything. I used spray and traps to no avail.

Our printer is both a printer and a scanner. I rarely ever use my scanner, I hadn´t used it in probably three weeks, when one day I opened the scanner lid to discover the source of the ant invasion. They had set up home right there in my scanner. I had sat next to it day after day, working on my laptop, printing pages and never knew deep within, was a growing hoard of invaders.

Well with some help, we managed to clean up the mess and kill the queen. Everything still works amazingly. I was told this particular kind of ant loves to make homes in electronics. It still amazes me how they snuck the queen into the scanner and had lived there so long without us knowing. This is a great sermon illustration. Some people are trying to find out what is wrong in their life by looking in all the wrong places. They try to quite their bad habits, make new year resolutions, maybe even start going to church. But this will never save them. The "queen" of sin is living right there in their scanner (heart). You have to have the blood of Jesus. Only he can get rid of the queen that keeps producing bad things in your life. That heart of original sin. He can clean your scanner.


Jon Plank said...

Wow... you had quite an ant farm going there. Nasty!

Scott said...

I wonder how they got in there with out you knowing? Sneaky.

Jason said...

That's amazing!