Thanksgiving Review

We have been on the run for the last two weeks or so. First off was a trip to San Pedro Sula to be with our missionary friends, Steve and Yvonne Delong and Zack and Sarah Robberts. We were invited to join them for Thanksgiving. It was so refreshing to just get away from everything and enjoy some fellowship and good food!! As you can see by the picture Joseph enjoyed being with the kids. He was kinda surprised that these kids could speak English. haha.
Ready to sink our teeth into some juicy turkey and scrumptious food. It was heavenly!
The lil' munchkin table
No Thanksgiving is complete without a good board game. We played a dog eat dog game of Monopoly and sorry to brag a little but I ended up winning by just a few hundred bucks!! haha


Lizzie Brown said...

So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!! :))

Scott said...

Well, I glad to see you haven't lost your talent for squeaking out big wins at Monopoly. ;)