Christmas Activities

This past week was crazy! We had so much stuff going on. First off, Hannah had to bake a bunch of snacks for a Christmas party for Daniel and his therapy classes. He was sick and wasn't able to go.
I think it was Tuesday Hannah had the young people over to practice the Christmas play. Here they are eating lunch. 
On Friday was Joseph's school Christmas play. He was a shepherd and was so excited to get dressed up for the part. After the play he didn't want to take it off and ended up going to McDonald's looking like this. Everyone thought it was so cute.
The gym was packed with people who came to see the play.
It was tough to get some good pics so far away but Joseph is the second on the left. 
All of the shepherds singing their song.
Joseph did an awesome job!! We were so proud of him.
One of the "Jordanian" camels that showed up to the play.


Cute pics.

Christmas blessings from Argentina! =)

~Heather and family~

Jeanne said...

Oh what a cute shepherd boy...
Joseph, you did a great job I'm look so cute...

Dorcas said...

The wedding looks beautiful! And that little shepherd boy, well he sure is handsome!! We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!!