More Adobes

Thursday was another work day in Las Delicias. It was back to mixin' mud, and making adobes. While clearing out the old adobes that were already dried I found this little guy hiding out. He looks big in the picture but he was just a baby, I'm not sure if he was a rattler or not but he soon lost his head.
We made 132 new adobes, counting the old ones that gives us a total of 189. Just 411 more to go!!
What do you on a hot work day when you want a drink of Pepsi and there are no cups? Pour it in a plastic bag, tie it tight and bite a corner out of the bottom.
Baudilio and Roberto filling molds with mud.
Long hard work.


Dorcas said...

I would've been done working if that were me that saw that critter of a snake :o)

Joanna said...

Joseph is so adventures, I just love to read what he is up to next or his next pose will be, he is an awesome little guy!!