A Day With Friends

Today we got together with some of our missionary friends, the Delongs and the Robberts. The Delongs will soon be moving back to the states so we wanted to take this time to have one more get-to-gether with them before they leave. So we went to a zoo and had a good time of fellowship.
The ostrich is just so unique. They are kinda fun to watch.
Mr. Jaguar enjoying an afternoon swim.
The national bird of Honduras, the Scarlett Macaw.
The MK's (Missionary Kids) taking a break after a hike up a long hill.
We couldn't leave without taking a spin on a the go-karts. 
After the day at the zoo we all headed over to Lake Yojoa for an ice cream and a boat trip.
This was Daniel's first boat ride! He loved it!
Captain Joseph.

It was such a nice day with friends. We will certainly miss Steve and Yvonne and their family. We wish them the best and hope to see them soon!


Michelle L. Brubaker said...

I'm so glad you can enjoy fun family 'vacation' times on the mission field! It's not all sweat, blood, and tears!!

Anonymous said...

That was great! Happy New Year to you all !!

Dorcas said...

So happy that you could get some time away!! Everyone needs that break once and a while!!