H.I.M. Central America Pastor's Retreat

The last week of November we attended the H.I.M. pastor's retreat in Guatemala, City. I always look forward to getting together with the pastors and their families. I think this year was one of the best retreat we have had to date. God really blessed! Here is the group that ended up coming, several pastors were absent due to financial difficulties.
There was good fellowship and enriching conversations. Iron sharpening iron.
Bro. Steve Hight was our special speaker. He tackled the topics with ease and did a fantastic job. Our theme was "Lessons from the Life of Paul". We dwelt with methods and strategies, music, resolving church problems, training leaders etc all based on the life and teaching of the Apostle Paul.
Bro. Grant dealing with "How to Organize a Church". He later opened it up for questions and answers. We had some great discussions in this session.
Michael Mason talking about the "Importance of Music in the Ministry of Paul". Very eye opening and intriguing. He did a great job!
Soaking it all up.
The retreat staff treated us like kings and queens, the food and service was excellent!
Two of our pastor's little children. They were so cute.
One afternoon we all went to the zoo to just relax and have a good time. Here are some of the MK's. These three musketeers had such a fun time together.
The elephant was one of our favorites. He was chomping up whole bananas and corn cobs.
Loading up and saying good-byes. Until next year.
So enjoyed being with the Masons. We swapped ministry stories and experiences laughed and cried and encouraged one another. It was great. We hope to see you all soon!


Lizzie Brown said...

Looks like you had a good time!