Roberto and Yennifer's Wedding

Ok get this. On Saturday we had a wedding in the afternoon, a reception, then we all went to Las Uvas and had a Christmas play and a Christmas dinner. Talk about a very busy weekend!!! It was great though. The ladies made 17 full chickens for the dinner. This is Rita, she is one of our main ladies, we couldn't do it without her. She is putting the condiments and spices on the chicken.
Everybody pitched in with the food and decorations. They worked all day on Friday getting stuff ready. Even Joseph helped out buttering up the trays to put the chicken in.
This was our first wedding for the Tiloarque church. Everyone was so excited. This is Roberto's and Jenny's daughter Genesis she was the flower girl and Joseph was the Bible bearer.
Roberto with his youngest daughter Jared and his father.
Greeting family and friends as they begin to arrive. The man is the bride's grandpa and the lady on the right is the bride's sister who lives in Guatemala. They hadn't seen each other for three years, she made a special trip to just be at the wedding.
The mothers lighting the candles.
The wedding party.
Here comes the bride!!!!! Our little church was packed to capacity. There were about 80 people present.
It's customary that the couple sits during the ceremony.
It's also customary to "tie" the couple together with a rope. It's symbolizes unity. Then they pass coins from one to the other to represent that was is his is hers and vice verse.
You may now kiss your bride!
Jenny's mother passed away when she was only 10 and she never knew her dad. So she was raised by her grandparents. She thinks of them as her parents.
Roberto's mom and dad. Our new work in Las Delicias is at their home. 
The whole family. God has really been working in this family. They started coming to church back in January during the marriage seminar. He just got saved back in September and she got saved in October. They wanted to get married and also start in discipleship for baptism. They are such a blessing and we wish them the best!
Can you tell they are happy?
We had the reception in front of the house. Needless to say it was crammed but at least we all had a good time.
Hannah made a masterpiece of a wedding cake!! The top was strawberry, the middle was yellow and the bottom chocolate. They all loooooved it!!
Then we all piled up in some vans and headed to Las Uvas for a Christmas play and a supper. It was a very busy day but oh a very good one!!!


Jeanne said...

beautiful wedding and wow Hannah...what a beautiful cake...
very pretty...

Beautiful job on the cake, Hannah!