Tuesday Night at Las Uvas

Take a trip with us to a Tuesday night service in Las Uvas. At 6:00 pm the church van pulls up outside of our house to take us the 15 minutes over to the church. Raul Florentino is our driver!!
Bumping through traffic as we head to church.
Tegucigalpa has so many beautiful views.
Once we arrive in Las Uvas we follow our church route picking up people for service. Pablo and his family live in the little metal house at the top of the hill. A family newly converted and faithful to church.
Noely is ten years old and lives with her parents and little brother in this small shack. She loves coming to church and this past Sunday her parents came for the very first time!!! Pray that they will soon get saved!
One by one they come into the light of the church to worship the Lord, sing praises, testify and hear a Bible message.
Lots of kids...a bright future for the church.
Singing praises to the King of kings and Lord of lords.
Norma and her daughter Selenia are both new converts. They are learning how to lead hymns, they did a great job and have learned to sing quite a few of them.
The guitar is a must-have instrument in Spanish churches!!
God helped us in this service. At the end of the message seekers lined the altar. They are a people who are sincere and hungry for God's truth.
Hugs and handshakes good-bye. "See you on Sunday"...
Two weeks ago this little girl's daddy was shot and killed just down the hill from the church. He was a guard in the community and was killed by another guard because of envy and anger over a lost job. Please pray for his wife Carmen and her four little children who are left behind to make a living. They needs God's strength right now.
To all of our supporters who gave towards the van project, thank you thank you thank you!! It has been put to good use and continues to be a huge blessing!
The view of the city from Las Uvas...just gorgeous.
Home again home again jiggety jig.