The Funeral of Soyla

This month has been a whirlwind of activity. We have been in high gear trying to get ready for deputation. In the middle of all of the hustle and bustle Hannah woke up with half of her face paralyzed with Belle's Palsy. She has had pain on the bad side of her face and it has been difficult to talk, eat and blink. We are just praying for a miracle. I also had to make a trip to San Pedro Sula for the funeral of a dear saint who made her crossing into heaven. On our way to San Pedro Sula we saw several accidents along the way including this truck that was turned over. 
The family carried her body to a town called Trinidad about two hours from San Pedro Sula.
Soyla was 81. She was such a wonderful person. She always had a warm handshake and a friendly smile. She had served the Lord for nearly twenty years. Her family will miss her a lot.
Giving the funeral message and prayer.
They carried her body from the entrance of the cemetery where the funeral was held, back over the hill to where she would be buried.
 Most of the graves in this particular cemetery were mausoleum style, above ground.
This was a heart-wrenching scene. One of the family members became uncontrolled at this moment as they were preparing to bury her mother. She lady has gone through so much. Her husband immigrated to the U.S. to look for work, her fifteen year old son was just shot and killed about 7 months ago and now her mother died. She cried out "why is God taking away everything that I love?" I couldn't help but cry.
Heading home to Tegucigalpa after a long day. Like the light streaks in this picture, such is our life...quickly passing, here one moment gone the next...but a vapor.