Recap of Christmas 2015 in the United States

Since October we were planning a surprise trip home for Christmas!! Nobody knew we were coming except my brother-in-law Scott Susan. He had contacted us and wanted to pay our way home. We were so excited, it was going to be our first Christmas home in nine years and the first Christmas home for the boys. We didn't tell Joseph where we were going until we got him to the airport, he couldn't believe it. We flew into Columbus, Oh where Scott picked us up and took us to his barn where he had fixed up the loft into an apartment. He had a nice warm fire going, food and bedding all ready. The next day we were going to surprise the whole family!!
The next day was Sunday. All of Hannah's family was gathered at her mom's house for dinner. While they were all talking in the living room we walked in singing Feliz Navidad. The place erupted with shouts and tears of joy!! It was awesome!
Some of the cousins hanging out at the breakfast table. We had so much fun spending a few days at Scott and Sarah's house.
The one night we all went to the Christmas Ranch. It was such a blast looking at all the different shops and seeing the lights.
Inside one of the shops.
The cold weather was a little bit of a shock to us but we survived, the love of family kept us warm.
Nothing like holding hands and walking with grammy.
On Christmas Eve Hannah's family got together for their Christmas. The house was beautifully decorated and the food was scrumptious!! It was sooo good to be home for Christmas.
Skyler showing off his slingshot that we bought for him in Honduras. I hope he keeps all the windows in piece!
On Christmas day grandma and grandpa Kennedy came and spent the day with us. They are so sweet. We had a big meal together and then opened more gifts.
 Beautiful little Leila all ready for Christmas day!
Ladies and gentlemen the amazing pumpkin pie!!!
Surprise and joy on Christmas day!!! I love his expression.
Joseph got three different Minion games. He loves them!!
Grandpa opening his hand-carved cane we brought him from Honduras.
The handle has a parrot.
Daniel's viewfinder!!
Hannah's family had Joseph open several boxes and go on a small search through the house before he opened his DS. It was one of his favorite gifts!! They also got him some games to go with it.
The heavenly feast!!! Sooooo delicious.
Family and food makes for a wonderful Christmas!
The kids corner had plenty of noise and action.
Check out that beautiful smile!!
Scott and Sarah, here is the mastermind behind the Christmas surprise!!
A magical night.
Aunt Dawn and Uncle Todd stopped by for a visit that evening.
Playing Joseph's new Minion Monopoly game.
Christmas Day 2015 was a day to be remembered for a very long time.
While in Cincinnati we decided to take in the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo.
 Frosty was there to greet us.
Daniels loooooves elephants. He was mesmerized as we watched the elephants eating their supper. So cute.
The aquarium is a surreal world, we got to feel like a fish for a few minutes.
We thought we had big cockroaches in Honduras, look at these monsters!
The zoo was so beautifully decorated, it was such a fun night.
Taking a stroll near the ice rink in downtown Cincy.
Before leaving Ohio we ate lunch at Aladdin's, an Arabic restaurant. They had incredible food and amazing Hummus!!
We met up with Wesley, Janna and Ella Cressman. It was great to catch up on everything they have been up to, just finishing their deputation and heading to Texas to study Spanish. In 2017 they will be joining us in Tegucigalpa, we are looking forward to working together for God's kingdom!
That evening we headed over to Ron and Liz's house for a visit. They live way out in the country on fifty beautiful farmland acres.
Grammy reading to Daniel. Poor little guy wasn't feeling too good that night.
The amazing marble track!!


Anonymous said...

What a surprise it was! So blessed to have all of my kids at home for Christmas.

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