Recap of Christmas 2015 in Honduras

I have so much to recap. Christmas 2015 was amazing in so many ways. After we returned from Guatemala and Nicaragua we dove head first into the Christmas activities. First on the agenda was our annual Christmas dinner. This year for the very first time all four of our churches were able to celebrate together. We loaded up a big yellow bus plus our car and the church van and took people from San Pedro Sula, Las Uvas and Tiloarque to Las Delicias where we held the celebration.
It was great to have a group from the San Pedro church join us for the festivities.
The church was packed out!!! People were standing outside looking in. The morning worship service was very special. We sang Christmas carols and then one of the men from San Pedro gave his testimony how he survived a stabbing in Nicaragua, died for a few minutes with his soul departing his body only to be brought back to life. It was an awesome story of God's grace!!
We then enjoyed a delicious lunch of pork chops, rice, salad, and tortillas.
Lined up waiting for their plate of food.
Some of the cooks and servers having a blast in the kitchen!!
In the afternoon service each church had some kind of participation. There were special songs, instrumentals and even a drama.
One of the girl ensembles.
Pablo and his sister Cesia played and sang. Cesia has been learning the cello and doing an excellent job playing.
 Hannah did an outstanding job working with the children from Tiloarque and Las Uvas, they shared several Christmas carols and poems.

The young people and children from Las Delicias had a short drama. They were amazing actors!! We loved it!
Thanks to a generous offering sent in by the Gratz Emmanuel Wesleyan Church we were able to buy Christmas presents for the children and young people from all of our churches. They were so happy!!
We handed out over 110 bags!! Hannah worked hard going to the market and buying all the gifts and sorting them according to age. She bought hygiene items, school supplies, clothes, toys, coloring books etc. It was a lot of fun seeing the joy on the children's faces when they received their bags.
Getting all the gifts organized so we could start making up the bags.
Some of the bags packed and ready to go.
Here is a video that we made for the Gratz church that explains a little more about Operation Bless A Child.