The Hospital Adventure

Early Saturday morning we made our way to the Honduras Medical Center here in Tegucigalpa. Joseph has had trouble with his throat and ears for several years. Fluid was trapped behind his ear drums making it difficult for Joseph to hear. The doctors planned to removed his tonsils, adenoid, and put ventilation tubes in his ears to fix the problem. God really helped Joseph to feel calm before the surgery the night before he was a little anxious but he was a real trooper during the whole ordeal.
The big medical center.
These boys sure do love each other.
Heading to the fourth floor to the operating room.
Filling out paper work.
Getting weighed so the anesthesiologist knew exactly how much anesthesia to give him.
 Daniel was taking everything in, this was a big adventure!!!
All ready to go into the operating room.
Now to sit and wait the two hours for the operation to finish.
Finally the doctor came out to inform us that everything was a success. Joseph was going to be in recovery for an hour or so before we could go in to see him. The doctor was very nice and professional and did an excellent job!!
Wow look at those tonsils!! Joseph wanted to keep them to take them to his school and show them off to his friends!!
Jo Jo are you ok?? Daniel prayed for his big brother after he came out of surgery, "Help, Jo Jo, amen".
Dr. Wilfredo Caceres, an excellent physician.
Joseph's anesthesiologist.
Joseph was feeling a little sore and tired. We hung out in the recovery room for a couple of hours.
Maxin' and relaxin'. We asked Joseph if he was ready to go home and he said no, he was having too much fun getting spoiled by the nurses. hahaha
Time to go home. It's going to be ice cream, jello, and soft foods for a few days all things that Joseph loves to eat!!
Wheelchairs are always a blast!!
Thanks everyone for your interest and prayers. God is so good and helped the operation to be a success. Before long Joseph will be back to his good ol'e self.