Wednesday Rewind

It was another good day. Thankfully there were no more tragedies and the little boy that fell out of the car is doing very well. We sensed God's help all throughout the day and we give Him thanks for what He has done. Thank you for praying for us.
In the morning we took the group to a privately owned orphanage. Most of the children that they care for have cerebral palsy. The group spent time playing with the kids, making them laugh and showing them love.
Alex did flips and stunts to entertain the kids.
The boys thought they would impress the kids with a pyramid.
It's nice to have my cousin Jula Rich along on the team. She helped to make this little boy's day a special one.
Collette helped to take some of the kids for a walk.
After playing with the kids the group helped to fix up the yard around the orphanage. They learned how to cut grass Honduran style with a machete.
Weeding the garden.
People filing into church for VBS at Las Uvas.
We had a wonderful evening revival service. One of the young girls gave her heart to Christ!!
The kids have done so well singing and giving testimonies in the services. They are a great group of young people!!


James Plank said...

I am so proud of this group of young
people. The pictures our great. I only wish I was along...

We are praying daily!