Monday's Getaway

Monday was our sight-seeing day. We decided to take a trip to Amapala. It is a volcanic island on the Pacific side of Honduras.
One of the ladies in our church is married to a colonel in the military. He was able to call and have some of the soldiers stationed at the island to haul us over to the island on their boats for free! 
Heading over to the island.
The soldiers took good care of us.
We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at "Black Beach". It's black because of the volcanic ash.
There was a little restaurant on the beach where we ate fried fish. Some of the kids were brave enough to eat the fish eyes. It was a little out of their comfort zone but they did really well.
Shalene and Joseph became good buddies.
Some of the guys tossing football.
The island was so pretty.
On the way back we took a boat tour around the island.