Friday Firsthand

It was another jammed packed day. We are constantly on the run and it doesn't seem that we have enough hours in the day. But we have felt God helping us in every moment and it's been exciting to see Him work in many lives.
In the morning we went to central park to pass out tracts. We handed them out in no time!
The kids had a lot of fun passing out tracts.
John Stanton took advantage of the cheap shoe shines.
One of the cathedrals in downtown Tegucigalpa.
One of the neat things that happened while we were downtown was that we got to meet the mayor of Tegucigalpa, Ricardo Alvarez. He seemed very nice and talked to us for awhile.
The group with the mayor.
Teaching the Bible verse at the afternoon VBS.
Getting ready for the campaign to start.
God really helped us on the first night. We had around thirty that was seated with us but many others were listening from a distance. We are hoping for a bigger crowd tomorrow night.
The teens sang a special song in Spanish.
Some of the kids giving their testimonies.