Thursday's Events

Today was a hot one. I think most of us got a sun burn from walking around passing out campaign announcements. Friday kicks off the open air campaign on the soccer field. I had 2,000 fliers printed to distribute throughout the community. The young people have handed out about 1,800 already and today we covered a lot of new territory. These kids are doing a great job and we appreciate it so much!!
Spreading the word about the upcoming campaign.
Putting announcements in all the doors.
Some of the kids were a little nervous crossing the swinging bridge that spanned high over a raging river.
We have had record crowds for VBS. At the Las Uvas church we are running around 25 kids. This is the first VBS we have ever held for them. Yesterday was a record crowd for the Tiloarque church. There were over 90!!!! Our little church was packed to capacity. It was very exciting!!
The puppets are one of the main acts of the VBS.
The kids have done well working together.
Joseph was so happy to have some of his school friends come to VBS.
Joseph sure did enjoy opening his gifts that his nana and grammy sent him. I think he thought it was Christmas or something. Thank you nana and grammy for the toys and gifts. He sure does like them!!


Dorcas said...

90 kids? That's awesome!!

Joseph looked soooo happy when his buddies from school were there. He is getting so tall.

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