Tuesday in Review

Just want to let all the parents know that your children are doing well. Nobody is sick and everyone is working together. Tuesday was our first day of VBS. We had a great turn out. In Tiloarque there were close to 50 and the majority of them were new people who have never been to our church. That is very exciting. At Las Uvas there were around 25 with some who have not been there in months.
Brother Hallenbeck is working on a storage closet. He got a lot of it finished today and it's going to be really nice.
This morning Bro. Maloyed and Justin and I handed out campaign announcements while the young people were practicing for VBS. We made a lot of new contacts.
Sophia Slavens enjoying a cozy hammock.
Some of our church ladies have been cooking lunch for the group. Today was shishkabobs on the grill with refried beans, goat cheese, and fried plantain with chismol (chopped tomatoes,onions and peppers) Everybody seemed to like it. The only questionable item on the menu was the goat cheese but everyone did fine.
Vanessa Parthemer is getting ready to dig in, I'm not sure if that is a look of "Oh this looks so good" or "hmmm I'm not sure about this".
The crew working on backdrops and props for Las Uvas VBS.
We had a very good turn out at Las Uvas. I believe this is the first VBS these kids have ever seen. They loved it!
Teaching the Bible verse to the kids.
Kids of the kingdom.
We ended the day with a little bit of a tragedy. I was taking the children home from VBS and I had several children sitting in the trunk since the car was so full. I had the window down and two of the boys were sitting on the inside of the window on the sill when all of a sudden one of the boys fell out onto the road while I was pulling out onto the highway. At first I thought he landed on his head. We all panicked and ran to his side. We quick picked him up and put him in the back of the car and raced to the hospital. They got him into the emergency room and by this time the boy seemed to be more conscious and responding. The doctors did x-rays and thankfully there were no broken bones, just a small hair line fracture in his neck. He will have to wear a neck brace for the next two or so weeks. I was so thankful nothing serious happened. Please pray for Marlon, he is doing fine but really sore from the fall.


Anonymous said...

I want all of you to know that our family is praying for you. We are so proud of our young people and the great work you are doing. We will pray for the boy in the accident.

Thank the Lord it wasn't any worse. God is good. We are praying for everyone. Especially for revival.